Jan 12, 2017

Chicken Karahi Recipe

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Chicken Karahi is a Pakistani and North Indian dish noted for its fiery taste. The Pakistani variant does not have capsicum or onions though the North Indian version utilizes capsicum. It is said that just a single utensil is required to cook this dish and that is a karahi (wok).

It is a forte of Lahore’s food street; this dish is made by stir-frying bits of chicken with tomatoes, green chilli, ginger, and garlic in a karahi, the wok-like container that gives the dish its name. A variety of chicken karahi recipe will be karahi gosht which is prepared using mutton.

This Karahi recipe sounds amazing with hot tandoori naan or chapati. Keep raita and servings of mixed greens along to upgrade the taste. Cook this Karahi recipe and appreciate the delish karahi supper.


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