Mar 27, 2017

Don’t Fight The Stress, Embrace It!

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Perhaps the one constant in everyone’s life these days is stress. The factors may be external or internal, but the effects will always be, more or less, the same. Regardless of the pathological or psychiatric aspects, stress can be a real hindrance in performing our routine activities.

In our country, stress is considered a temporary phase and it could be, in some scenarios, a momentary condition. But even when stress becomes chronic, we are not always ready to call it a disorder, let alone seek the right kind of help. The majority of the people keeps their stress to themselves, slowly decimating from the inside and get dragged to mental impairment, this stress ultimately paralyzes them to an extent where nothing matters anymore.

But hold that thought for a second, if something is so inevitable in this chaotic, restless life; why not try to use it in a positive way. Seems impossible? It’s actually not, in fact, it is the only way to overcome stress. Below are some practices that will, although gradually, will relieve you of the burden of your stress.

Be Productive

The causes of stress may be unlimited but it worsens only when you endure it, try to eliminate the impact of stress by doing something which you’re very good at. And not just for an hour or so, spend more time on your favorite activity; it could be your work as well. With time, you will start worrying less about the things you can’t control and will enjoy more what you love doing.

Don’t Overthink

Although it may seem impossible, to limit your thinking and overthinking for that matter, but you can at least try. Sometimes in life, you’ve had faced things that hit you hard and you begin to assume that nothing’s going to be right. However, it’s not always the case and being over sensitive about everything only exacerbates the stress. Leave things on their own, console yourself, you’ll surely feel the difference.

DON’T Talk About It

Psychologically, you must talk about the things that affect your state of mind but sometimes stress escalates as you talk more of it. The reason behind the sorcery is that most of the times, the listeners don’t understand, or they respond unwisely, subsequently pouring more stress into the mind of the affected. So tell yourself that stress is something which is going to be with me but I should divert my focus to better things instead of telling others what I am going through.

Be Your Own Friend

Be the analyst, the advisor you seek, weigh things, so that you can make balanced decisions in life. No, you don’t have to cut off everyone around, you’ll not stop talking, and not cease to be friendly, but avoid dependability as it will only lead to more stress.

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