Jan 16, 2017

Grilled Chicken Roll Recipe

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Chicken roll is without doubt one of the popular street-food originated from Kolkata. That is why it’s also known as the “Calcutta Roll”. This is a roll where Juicy morsels of spicy chicken are wrapped in Paratha that has been covered with egg!

Kolkata is noted for roadside eateries and roll corners. There are varieties of rolls like egg roll, chicken roll, egg & chicken roll, Grilled tikka roll, combination of the above stated elements, the list is endless, even vegetarian roll like paneer roll is on hand and is available. It is a well-liked Pakistani chicken recipe.

When you need to give your kids something nutritious, healthful and anything they are able to experience while going for walks around – then this recipe is simply the ticket! Superb for lunch foods, effortless enough to be prepared in the morning chaos and can get gobbled down even before that you could say ‘it’s a wrap’!

You could also to find nearby meals chains that makes Grilled Chicken roll which you can purchase and consume. Grilled chicken roll is a good-liked dish in Pakistan. People consume grilled chicken roll with pleasure. Youngsters like to devour grilled chicken roll as it’s tremendously tasty, yummy and tummy friendly. This Pakistani chicken recipe is loved by hundreds of thousands of folks all worldwide.


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