Jan 16, 2017

Handi Murgh Paneer Recipe

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An exceptionally customary restaurant style murgh handi recipe, this recipe is made in a special vessel called a handi, subsequently the name Handi Recipe.

Handi is a sort of cooking container that was utilized as a part of Indian cooking with a shallow depth and a wide bottom which in ancient time was made of clay.

You can always utilize a steel handi or even a regular karahi or pot or skillet. Recipes made in a handi are named with the clay pot as such – like mutton handi, handi paneer or handi biryani and so on.

For this chicken recipe, the gravy or base is made from cashew nuts and cream. The onions are first fried and then the chicken is sautéed really well before adding in the cashew nut paste and cream. Just a bit of preparation is required to prepare the cashew paste and after that it’s pretty easy to follow the recipe. The chicken handi recipe tastes best with tandoori roti, nan or parathas but you can even try it with some plain steamed rice too or jeera rice.


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