Feb 13, 2017

Simple Beauty Treatments You Can Do At Home

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The deepest desire of every woman is to look beautiful. As a result they all try expensive beauty products such as beauty creams, day creams, night creams, facial cleansers, fairness creams and what not. The list goes on and on and might never end.

Why get into so much trouble when the easiest solution is at hand. Today, we will share a list of beauty treatments that can easily be performed at home.

Honey and Water

Take mild warm water mix it with honey and drink it on an empty stomach. This little trick will work wonders for you. It brightens your skin and brings in the natural glow.

Citrus Water

Take a glass of mild warm water and squeeze in a lemon and drink it on an empty stomach. This also is an amazing detox drink. It cleanses your body from within and brightens you skin.

Coconut Oil, Lemon and Sugar

Having problems of darker skin? Take coconut oil, sugar and lemon in small quantities. Apply that on the affected areas and exfoliate. Repeat the process on regular basis. You will see those darker elbows, knees and toes as they vanish.

Olive Oil and Sea Salt Oil Scrub

Prepare a mixture utilizing olive oil and sea salt oil and scrub your body with this mixture. This will help exfoliate the skin; expel the dead skin cells and make your skin appear glowing.

Honey and Lemon

Don’t know what to do about those black heads? Well, here’s a solution. Dab a small amount of honey on lemon and rub it on the affected area.

Ground Coffee Beans

Use ground coffee beans for your hand and feet’s exfoliation. Prepare a paste of it. Apply it on the desired area. There you go an amazing exfoliator made from ground coffee beans.


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